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How many girls get to throw glitter in the air? Roll around in it? Make snow angels? The short answer: not very many. Perhaps that is the source of success for Ivy Lane’s glitter mini-sessions. No other mother in her right mind would allow such a crazy mess in her own house.  Despite the mess […]

Sometimes it’s so easy for me to forget how magical this moment is to the little girls who meet Starry Night. I mean, I’m so worried about the logistics– driving directions, time slots, lighting, location– that I forget that this is a surreal moment for my unicorn kiddos and mamas. Since this was my second […]

You may have seen my recent Facebook posts about the consultation experience that Ivy Lane is fine tuning. Today I want to take a few minutes to explain what this consultation is and how it can help you get the most out of your custom portraiture experience. Step One: Booking This is pretty self-explanatory. You […]

There is something so profound about the love of a little one. They love so freely, so naturally. To see a little one full of love is witnessing this emotion in it’s purist form. It’s unconditional. It’s raw. It’s amazing. It only makes sense to capture these moments– not only because we love our children […]

Do you remember your best friend’s little brother or sister? How much they got in the way? How much they annoyed you? My best friend’s little sister was Miranda. We did not get along. I don’t know how many times poor Renee was caught in the middle of Miranda and I bickering and how annoyed […]

On October 15, seven girls excitedly rushed out of their parents’ vehicles to hold my hand as I introduced them to the only unicorn they will ever meet. Some approached cautiously; others without hesitation. But all of them with awe. They were dressed to the nines in their boutique dresses, some with floral headpieces, one […]