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The Custom Portraiture Experience

March 16, 2018

You may have seen my recent Facebook posts about the consultation experience that Ivy Lane is fine tuning. Today I want to take a few minutes to explain what this consultation is and how it can help you get the most out of your custom portraiture experience.

Step One: Booking

This is pretty self-explanatory. You reach out. We discuss your photography needs, and we schedule a consultation and/or session.

Step Two: Pre-Session Consultation

This is the part that I’m really excited about– after our initial conversation, I come to your home to discuss your session and help plan. The pre-session consultation will last about one hour. This meeting is really for a variety of reasons:

  • I get a chance to meet you and the family.
  • We can do some closet exploration to find coordinating wardrobe choices.
  • We can discuss and select the location of your session and the time of day.
  • I can make note of the size(s) of frame(s) you use, the wall space you’d like to fill, and any other design ideas that help me create the best wall art for your home.
  • We can go through pricing of portraits, wall art, and our custom framing options, as well as give you a chance to see and touch our product offerings.
  • I can answer any questions you have about the session, image reveal and ordering, or anything else on your mind!
  • Coming soon- I will also be providing you with a printed guide to getting the most out of your session!

There is no need to clean your house, dress the kids up, or do any special preparation. I want to meet you and your family and I promise I won’t show up with a white glove! Your creative fee of $99 is required at this session.

Step Three: The Session

At this point in the process, we meet at our pre-arranged date, time, and place to capture amazing memories for your family! The session lasts 60-90 minutes and is filled with lots of laughter! This is one of my favorite parts!

Step Four: The Image Reveal and Ordering Session

Within days of your session, a blog post will be published to share some of my favorite images from your session. Those previews will be all that you see until our image reveal and ordering session. This takes place at your home or in-studio and I recommend all decision-makers in the house attend. At this session, I display your images for you to choose from. Together, I help you select the best images for your wall portraits, coordinating frames for your favorites, canvas gallery walls, Christmas cards, etc. This is a low pressure meeting. I’m not out to sell every product we offer. I am merely there to walk you through the selection and ordering process. Payment of 50% of the total product invoice is required at the conclusion of this meeting, with the other 50% due at the time of delivery.

That’s it! Our custom portraiture experience is not intimidating, stressful, or time-consuming. Our goal is to provide clients with support throughout the entire process. We aren’t going to leave you with only a handful of digitals that will likely never be printed. I will guide you through printing and selecting images of the highest caliber– no need to worry about colors, sizes, cropping, matting, framing, texturing, or any of that technical stuff! Start to finish the process takes four to six weeks.

Ivy Lane is currently booking custom portraiture experiences in the months of June, July, and August! Let’s get started on yours today!

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