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Spring 2018 Unicorn Mini-Session ~ Child Photography

May 16, 2018

Sometimes it’s so easy for me to forget how magical this moment is to the little girls who meet Starry Night. I mean, I’m so worried about the logistics– driving directions, time slots, lighting, location– that I forget that this is a surreal moment for my unicorn kiddos and mamas.

Since this was my second round of unicorn mini-sessions, though, I had a better idea of what to expect and how to prepare moms and daughters. I recommended fancy dresses, tiaras, hair and make-up appointments– anything to make these girls feel like princesses! And my unicorn mamas did not disappoint!

The star of the show– Starry Night– was as elegant and sweet and gentle as ever. Besides the fact that this diabetic pony loves to eat grass, she allowed the girls to walk her, nuzzle her, and even cuddle up nose-to-nose (or nose-to-muzzle).

In the end, Starry Night enjoyed two hours with beautiful girls in their lovely dresses. For that time, she wasn’t just a grass-loving barn-dwelling pony, she was a majestic being reveling in the affection of six angels. And those six angels weren’t preschoolers or elementary schoolers or middle schoolers, but princesses in a faraway land with a mystical unicorn.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Ivy Lane’s most recent unicorn mini-sessions. Watch for the next round coming in August of 2018.




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