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Josie’s Lemonade Stand ~ Quad Cities Child Photography

May 16, 2018

When Josie’s mom, Brooke, saw Ivy Lane’s lemonade stand mini-sessions, she knew this would be perfect for Josie’s second birthday portraits! We met on the corner of State Street and Highway 6 at the Geneseo city park, and Josie took right to the lemons. She spent a good while stacking them and moving them before she realized there was an entire pitcher of fresh lemonade to stir and enjoy!

Then, in hopes of getting a camera-worthy sour face, we encouraged Josie to try a bit of fresh lemon. To our surprise, the little stinker LOVED it! We could hardly tear her away! And, to top it off, we even had one nice lady attempt to buy a cup of fresh lemonade! Enjoy a handful of favorites from Josie’s second birthday lemonade stand session!

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