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Unique Mini Sessions — Unicorn Minis — Quad City Child Photographer

November 3, 2017


On October 15, seven girls excitedly rushed out of their parents’ vehicles to hold my hand as I introduced them to the only unicorn they will ever meet. Some approached cautiously; others without hesitation. But all of them with awe.

They were dressed to the nines in their boutique dresses, some with floral headpieces, one with a little fur shrug. For just twenty minutes, each girl was a princess with her unicorn.

The horse, Starry Night, made for a regal unicorn. She didn’t mind the clips on her forehead and bridle, nor did she mind seven little girls on her back. She walked with the girls and let them nuzzle her in close.

Lucy, Olivia, Gigi, Avryanah, Addy, Delia, and Lily, I hope this day was as magical for you as it was for me. May you always remember the day you were a princess with a real unicorn.

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from this enchanted day!

Starry Night is available for riding lessons with her owner, Trudi Johnson Thomas. Please contact Trudi on Facebook for more information.


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