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November 9, 2017

If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be meeting Rachel and her kids for a family photo shoot, I never would’ve believed you. See, I met Rachel at Clinton High School back in 2005 in my ninth grade English class. (If I had a yearbook handy, I would totally insert a picture right here!)

The next few years saw typical teenage drama among Rachel and her friends, and I worried she was getting involved with drugs or smoking. When she confided that she was pregnant, my response was, “I sure hope you’re kidding.” I was scared for Rachel’s future. I was scared for the future of her baby.

She had baby Mason during her junior year, and shortly after was pregnant with baby #2. It was then that we kind of lost touch. She had baby Madison, and my own days and nights were swallowed by single parenting and teaching.

There were a few run-ins at Family Video over the years until we recently reconnected via Facebook. Those chubby-cheeked babies are now almost nine and ten. And that teenage mother I worried about and prayed for is now nationally certified in medical assisting and working towards an RN program.

I could not be more proud of Rachel’s devotion to her beautiful kids and how she has persevered in teenage and single parenthood. Enjoy some of my favorites from this special session with Rachel, Mason, and Madison.

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