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Dickey Family– Quad Cities Child and Family Photographer– Sarah DeMaranville Photography

November 28, 2017


You’ve probably heard the theory– Every person in the world is six or fewer steps away from each other. Supposedly, each of us is only six introductions (or “a friend of a friend” statements) away from any other person on the planet. While the world is a pretty big place and that seems nearly impossible, sometimes we have those “it’s such a small world” moments that make you realize how connected we actually are.

I had one of those moments last month when I received an inquiry from Amber Dickey. Sure, she had mentioned that her husband Jason went to Western Illinois with my husband. But what’s new? My husband knows everybody!

But then, it turned out Amber had family in my hometown of Wapello, Iowa. That was a little bit more surprising. Wapello is seventy or so miles away and not known by many in the Illinois Quad Cities. So I went into the session knowing we had some things to talk about.

It wasn’t until I met the Dickey family, photographed them, and posted their sneak peeks on social media that I got the full story. Remember those six degrees? Well, it turns out my aunt is very good friends with Maude who is Amber’s grandmother! When I posted the Dickey’s preview pictures, my aunt recognized the kiddos and explained the connection.

Such. A. Small. World. I’m excited to hear your six degrees of separation stories! In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites from the Dickey family fall session.

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