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Furry Family Sessions- August 2017

September 9, 2017

It was late July that I saw something on Facebook that struck a chord. A community member was upset that the local humane society was struggling for funding, while many other worthwhile causes were not facing the same issue. As a pet-lover myself, I couldn’t bear the thought of lonely animals waiting for their forever homes in sub-par facilities. So, the Furry Family session was born.

Throughout my month of Furry Family sessions, I had the opportunity to meet many families and their beloved pets. Young and spunky. Old and weak. Terrified or excited. Sixteen pets total.

One thing remained constant through every session– the love and adoration each family displayed for their pet. And it’s this love from a forever family that I want for all of the pets at our local humane society (and everywhere else).

Thank you to the amazing Geneseo community for helping Monjaro Studios and Ivy Lane Photography raise $325. We are so grateful. <3

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