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Sarah DeMaranville photography has worked with many wedding vendors. Many. Both within the Quad Cities and outside. Brick and mortar and online. I’m not telling you this to brag, but I am offering my experience and vetting to you. I want you to have the very best for your wedding day. And I’ve vetted and […]

How many girls get to throw glitter in the air? Roll around in it? Make snow angels? The short answer: not very many. Perhaps that is the source of success for Ivy Lane’s glitter mini-sessions. No other mother in her right mind would allow such a crazy mess in her own house.  Despite the mess […]

Sometimes it’s so easy for me to forget how magical this moment is to the little girls who meet Starry Night. I mean, I’m so worried about the logistics– driving directions, time slots, lighting, location– that I forget that this is a surreal moment for my unicorn kiddos and mamas. Since this was my second […]

I’ve worked with this family a number of times this past year, and was super excited when Staci scheduled three-year portraits for Dylan! Here’s the little boy I was expecting– captured back in September of 2017. This spunky little redhead is 100% boy! He enjoys all the things that little boys enjoy– playing with trucks […]

Happy Monday, everyone! Today on the blog, I’d like to go over our unique child photography offerings planned for the year and how you can plan ahead for your portraiture session! We’ve got so much planned for this year! We’re so excited to offer super cute set-ups, like the lemonade stand and the superhero minis! […]

The days are getting longer and the snow is melting. ‘Tis the season for portraits! As we gear up for many special mini-session offerings, I want to take just a few moments to clarify the different between mini-sessions and custom sessions. Time Mini-sessions are just that– mini! They’re only 15-20 minutes in length and intended […]

There is something so profound about the love of a little one. They love so freely, so naturally. To see a little one full of love is witnessing this emotion in it’s purist form. It’s unconditional. It’s raw. It’s amazing. It only makes sense to capture these moments– not only because we love our children […]

When Nate and I scheduled this family session, we had our fingers crossed for our photo shoot. We didn’t expect Midwest weather in the first week of December to be fifty degrees. And we weren’t sure how baby Bekah would cooperate in her first family photo session. But we got beautiful weather, a content baby, and […]

It’s been about a year since I got Collin and Jack in front of my camera. Look at those adorable faces! I remember them as spunky, silly, delightful boys, so when their mom, Anna, booked a family session, I knew we would have a blast! Add the dog, Ozzy, and dad, Zach, and we had […]

Do you remember your best friend’s little brother or sister? How much they got in the way? How much they annoyed you? My best friend’s little sister was Miranda. We did not get along. I don’t know how many times poor Renee was caught in the middle of Miranda and I bickering and how annoyed […]