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Sarah DeMaranville photography has worked with many wedding vendors. Many. Both within the Quad Cities and outside. Brick and mortar and online. I’m not telling you this to brag, but I am offering my experience and vetting to you. I want you to have the very best for your wedding day. And I’ve vetted and […]

When this Arizona native requested snow for his senior portraits, Mother Nature did not disappoint. There was so much snow, in fact, that much of what we had in mind wasn’t possible in the alleys, streets, and overpasses of Clinton, Iowa. So, we had to schedule another session in the spring at Eagle Point Park. […]

The advent of digital photography has led many people to take up photography as a hobby. The magic of delete buttons, filters, and simple editing has even made many people confident enough to charge for their work. In fact, an all-call on Facebook for recommendations for family photographers is likely to turn up more amateurs than professionals. Which begs the question– Why pay for a professional photographer when amateurs are often cheaper?