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Why to Consider a First Look ~ Wedding Portraiture ~ Sarah DeMaranville Photography

June 10, 2019

Have you thought about your wedding day timeline? What about a first look? You know what I’m talking about– those few minutes before the craziness of the day that the bride and groom get to share a few moments. Traditionally, first looks are somewhat taboo, but realistically speaking, they offer many benefits!

  1. The time before the ceremony allows you both time to calm any nervous fears or jitters so that you can be fully present during the ceremony. I recently heard a groom say that he was scared that he’d cry in front of his work buddies. The first look totally eliminated all of his worries. He was able to admire his beautiful bride with only a couple other photographers present.
  2. You get the opportunity to have a few previous moments with your love prior to the ceremony. Your wedding day will be busy. The morning alone will have you waking up early for hair, make-up, and mimosas and traveling from home to the salon to the church/ ceremony site. Immediately after the ceremony you’ll likely have portraits, the reception, dancing, and lots of hugs and greeting family and friends. The first look is pretty much your only opportunity to be alone (or near alone) with your soulmate for a small part of the chaotic day.
  3. First looks allow more time for portraits with your love. The time spent in the “first look” location is ideal for your photographers to capture many emotion-filled moments– likely doubling the number of portraits you will receive from your wedding day.
  4. Doing some couple portraits before your ceremony means less time is needed for “just married” portraits. This allows you both to get to the reception even faster and less rushing through all of the reception traditions.
  5. Your photographers will be able to stage your first look at the ideal location with optimum light and the prettiest backdrop. Photographers can’t control where you have your ceremony, the angle of the sun, or other aspects of your ceremony/ reception locations. They can, however, take all of these things into consideration when creating the perfect first look portraits.

Sarah DeMaranville Photography is a Midwest wedding photographer providing timeless, joyful imagery for the crazy in love. We specialize in outdoor photography and love to shoot at locations like The Armour HouseLavender Crest WineryOakwood Country ClubAllerton Park, and the Illinois Beach Resort.  We accept a limited number of weddings each year. To schedule your engagement, proposal, destination, elopement, or traditional wedding, please email us at sarah@sarahdemaranvillephotography.com or by inquiring here

We are so excited to love and serve you on your wedding day! You just take it all in, and we’ll be there to make sure your wedding day is as magical as you always envisioned!

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